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Borrowed coins are not included into TVL by default, to include them toggle Borrows. For more info on this click here.

Goldfinch (GFI)

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Protocol Information

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol, built for the future when all debt is on-chain. It offers sustainable, high-quality yields that are generated by real-world economic activity, sheltered from DeFi's volatility.

Category:RWA Lending

Development Activity

(updated at 04/09/23)

Weekly commits: 29

Monthly commits: 34

Weekly developers: 7

Monthly developers: 7

Last commit date: 04/06/23

Token Information



TVL: The base TVL metric counts only excess USDC liquidity in the Senior Pool, and USDC in all the Borrower Pools. The Borrowed TVL component additionally counts loans made by the Senior Pool and the Backers of all Borrower Pools.