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Why donate?
DefiLlama is an open-source project that runs no ads and provides all data for free. We have no revenue and are supported by donations.
Donations on gitcoin get matched with donations from a quadratic funding pool, so a small 1$ donation can get heavily amplified.

DefiLlama has the following grants:
Affiliate links
DefiLlama has referral links for all these protocols, using them with our referral sends us some rewards:
Direct donation
You can send us any token, on any network, to the following address: 0x08a3c2A819E3de7ACa384c798269B3Ce1CD0e437
Use of funds
Funds are only used for 2 purposes:
  • Pay the llamas working on DefiLlama
  • Cover costs associated with running defillama (this is mostly server costs)