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Protocol Categories

1 Liquid Staking118$21.636bProtocols that enable you to earn staking rewards on your tokens while also providing a tradeable and liquid receipt for your staked position
2 Lending301$14.454bProtocols that allow users to borrow and lend assets
3 Dexes1020$12.345bProtocols where you can swap/trade cryptocurrency
4 Bridge46$8.789bProtocols that bridge tokens from one network to another
5 CDP105$7.896bProtocols that mint its own stablecoin using collateralized lending
6 Services154$4.126bProtocols that provide a service to the user
7 Yield457$3.325bProtocols that pay you a reward for your staking/LP on their platform
8 RWA26$2.39bProtocols that involve Real World Assets, such as house tokenization
9 Derivatives158$1.241bProtocols for betting with leverage
10 Yield Aggregator112$976.97mProtocols that aggregated yield from diverse protocols
11 Cross Chain26$644.05mProtocols that add interoperability between different blockchains
12 Synthetics33$563.05mProtocol that created a tokenized derivative that mimics the value of another asset.
13 Launchpad40$512.45mProtocols that launch new projects and coins
14 Liquidity manager27$323.1mProtocols that manage Liquidity Positions in concentrated liquidity AMMs
15 Insurance25$283.17mProtocols that are designed to provide monetary protections
16 Indexes49$280.04mProtocols that have a way to track/created the performance of a group of related assets
17 Privacy13$256.72mProtocols that have the intention of hiding information about transactions
18 Infrastructure1$226.16m
19 Algo-Stables112$188.49mProtocols that provide algorithmic coins to stablecoins
20 Payments16$165.19mProtocols that offer the ability to pay/send/receive cryptocurrency
21 Staking Pool14$164.64mRefers to platforms where users stake their assets on native blockchains to help secure the network and earn rewards. Unlike Liquid Staking, users don't receive a token representing their staked assets, and their funds are locked up during the staking period, limiting participation in other DeFi activities