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Total Funding Rounds4599

Total Funding Amount$96.544b

Lead Investor
Other Investors
Pimlico25 Sep, 2023, 00:00$1.6mPre-Seed
infrastructure layer powering Ethereum’s transition to ERC-4337 smart accounts
Safe, ConsenSys, a16z crypto, css23
Cygnetise25 Sep, 2023, 00:00$3mpre-Series A
digital management of Authorised Signatories, Delegated Authorities, Powers of Attorney on the blockchain
Proof of Play21 Sep, 2023, 00:00$33mSeed
onchain game studio
a16z, Greenoaks Capital
Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Justin Kan, Justin Waldron, Immad Akhund, Nikil Viswanathan, Gabby Dizon
Orb21 Sep, 2023, 00:00$2.3mSeed
web3 social built for creator monetization
Superscrypt , Founders Inc, Daedalus, Foresight Ventures, Aave Ventures, Social Graph Ventures, ArkStream Capital, Mask Network, LD Capital, Angelina Russell, Darren Li, Sandeep Nailwal, Albert Hu, Lion Goldenberg, Stani Kulechov
CoinScan21 Sep, 2023, 00:00$6.3mSeed
Crypto analytics platform
Shalom Meckenzie, Mor Weizer, Tectona
Essential21 Sep, 2023, 00:00$5.15mSeed
Intent-based infrastructure and tooling
Maven 11
Robot Ventures, Karatage, Batu, Skip, James Prestwich, Brandon Curtis, Neel Somani
BeWater21 Sep, 2023, 00:00$1mAngel Round
decentralized hackathon platform and global open-source developer community
ABCDE Capital, OKX Ventures
ScalingX, Contentos, Galaxy Mercury Asia, Blake Gao
Fuze Finance20 Sep, 2023, 00:00$14mSeed
full-stack, blockchain infrastructure platform
Further Ventures
Liberty City Ventures
Freatic20 Sep, 2023, 00:00$3.6mSeed
decentralized information market
a16z crypto
Anachram, Archetype, Not3Lau Capital, Robot Ventures, Arweave, Stefano Bernardi, Meltem Demirors, Stephane Gosselin, Jutta Steiner, MacLane Wilkison
GRVT19 Sep, 2023, 00:00$5mSeed
hybrid crypto exchange
Matrix Partners, Delphi Digital
Susquehanna Investment Group, CMS Holdings, Hack VC, Matter Labs
Jiritsu 19 Sep, 2023, 00:00$10.2mSeed
Verifiable computing
gumi Cryptos Capital
Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, LLLP, Republic Capital
OnRamp Money19 Sep, 2023, 00:00Strategic
Fiat-to-crypto onramp
Algorand Ventures
GRVT19 Sep, 2023, 00:00$2.1mPre-Seed
hybrid crypto exchange
500 Startups, Folius Ventures
Bastion18 Sep, 2023, 00:00$25mSeed
Crypto custody
a16z crypto
Laser Digital Ventures, Robot Ventures, Not Boring Capital
Bubblemaps18 Sep, 2023, 00:00$3.2mSeed
Visuals for blockchain data
INCE Capital
Momentum 6, Stake Capital Group, LBank Labs, v3ntures, Avalanche, Cronos, Hasheur, Antalpha Ventures, Daxos, UF Ventures
ProsperEx17 Sep, 2023, 00:00Strategic
decentralized exchange, blending RWA and AI
Magnus Capital
Topic.Market15 Sep, 2023, 00:00$2mStrategic
social platform where you can trade hot topics
Bakery Incubator
Only Dust15 Sep, 2023, 00:00$3mSeed
coordination of open source contributions across Web3
Fabric Ventures
Sam Benyakoub, Frst, Ergodic Capital, Stake Capital, Tim Beiko, Anthony Sassano, dcbuilder.eth, Nicolas Bacca, Benjamin Flores
Fipto14 Sep, 2023, 00:00$16mSeed
Serena Capital
Serena Capital, Motier Ventures
Layer N13 Sep, 2023, 00:00$5mSeed
rollup network designed to scale financial applications on Ethereum.
Founders Fund, Dao5
Kraken Ventures, Spencer Noon
Portals13 Sep, 2023, 00:00$0.5mSeed+
yield and protocol aggregator for transaction bundling, any-to-any swaps, and real-time data
Bankless Ventures, DCG, Founder Heads