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Total Value Hacked (USD)


Total Value Hacked in DeFi (USD)


Total Value Hacked in Bridges (USD)


Safemoon28 Mar, 2023, 00:00$8.9m
Protocol LogicAccess Control Exploit
Paraspace *whitehack17 Mar, 2023, 00:00$5m
Protocol LogicBorrow Logic Exploit
Euler Finance13 Mar, 2023, 00:00$197m
Protocol LogicFlashloan Donate Function Logic Exploit
Hedera10 Mar, 2023, 00:00$0.515m
Protocol LogicUnknown
PeopleDAO8 Mar, 2023, 00:00$0.12m
InfrastructureSocial Engineering
TenderFi7 Mar, 2023, 00:00$1.59m
EcosystemOutdated Oracle Exploit
ArbiSwap2 Mar, 2023, 00:00$0.1m
RugpullInfinite Mint and Dump
MyAlgo27 Feb, 2023, 00:00$9.2m
InfrastructureCloudflare Key Compromised
LaunchZone27 Feb, 2023, 00:00$0.7m
Protocol LogicAccess Control Exploit
Dexible20 Feb, 2023, 00:00$2m
Protocol LogicArbitrary External Call
Hope Finance20 Feb, 2023, 00:00$1.86m
RugpullRouter Exploit
Platypus Finance16 Feb, 2023, 00:00$8.5m
EcosystemFlashloan Reentrancy Attack
dForce Network10 Feb, 2023, 00:00$3.65m
Protocol LogicReentrancy
Orion2 Feb, 2023, 00:00$3m
Protocol LogicReentrancy
BonqDAO1 Feb, 2023, 00:00$1.7m
Protocol LogicPrice Oracle Attack
Omm21 Jan, 2023, 00:00$1.891m
Protocol LogicRedeem Function Exploit
Midas Capital17 Jan, 2023, 00:00$0.66m
EcosystemFlashloan Reentrancy Attack
Lendhub16 Jan, 2023, 00:00$6m
Protocol LogicCollateral Offboarding Mistake
ROE Finance11 Jan, 2023, 00:00$0.08m
EcosystemFlashloan Pool Shares Exploit
Rubic25 Dec, 2022, 00:00$1.41m
Protocol LogicRouter Exploit
Raydium16 Dec, 2022, 00:00$4.4m
InfrastructurePrivate Key Compromised (Unknown Method)