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Daily news roundup with the 🦙

News 📰

> Orion Protocol exploited for ~$3m

> BUSD integrated on Optimism

> Connext’s Amarok upgrade is live

> Mean Finance meta aggregator

> Cross-chain transfers are live on Layerswap

> Pirex GMX is live

> Optimism Bedrock explainer

> Prime Protocol launching on Arbitrum testnet

> Evmos Upgrades to V11, Enabling Support for Liquid Staking and More

> Polynomial beta launch on Optimism

> Everlend closing down

> Silvergate faces DOJ Fraud Probe over FTX and Alameda Dealings

> Europe's first EU-regulated full-reserve stablecoin launched in Finland

Threads 🧵

Layer 1 & 2 ⛓

> Recap ACDE call

> EIP-6384 Solution To Tackle Offline Signature Exploits

> Mantle Network deepdive

> Vault Proposal: Kilroy for Fantom

> Synapse

> Injective deepdive

DeFi 🏦

> Discrimination of Toxic Flow in Uniswap V3: Part 1

> Yama’s Financial Mechanisms

> Osmosis Stableswap

> Decentralized stablecoin projects

> Latest developments in Arbitrum ecosystem

> Hidden fee in frxETH

> Interesting wallets on Canto & their yield farming strategies

MEV ⚡️

> Optimal way to extract MEV from a large uninformed swap

> Relayscan opensourced

Reads 📚

> MakerDAO: 2022 Financial Results and Retrospective

Raises 💰

> TeraWulf $32M

> Blockjoy $12M Series A

> Giga Energy $10M Series A

> $9.2M Series A & 18M Strategic Round

> Sumi Network $3M Seed

Development ⚙️

> Seaport v1.2

> Halmos, a new open source formal verification tool

> zkLLVM Circuit Compiler

> Starkjub - STARK-friendly elliptic curve designed to work within Cairo circuits on Starknet

> How to Foundry 2.0: Brock Elmore