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Daily news roundup with the 🦙

> DefiLlama alpha: Strategy Finder

1/2 News📰

> StarkWare & Polygon Labs introducing Circle STARK

> Introducing Inco: The Modular Confidential Computing Network

> Introducing Warp v2

> Introducing Entangle

> Introducing Story Protocol, the Programmable IP Layer

> Introducing Humanity Protocol

> Optimism unveils Aridrop #4

> Circle discontinues USDC on TRON

> Announcing the Worldcoin Bug Bounty Program

> The first ZK Grants Round is now open

Threads 🧵

Layer 1 & 2⛓

> Verkle Trees for Statelessness - Vitalik

> The Rollup OS for Ethereum

> Technical deepdive zkSharding for Ethereum

> Introducing SP1 Reth: A performant type-1 zkEVM built with SP1

> Unified Endgame Rollup Requirements

> eth: make transaction propagation paths in the network deterministic

> EIP-7623: Increase calldata cost

> Solana Transaction Confirmation


> PrismaLRT is live

> Hedgehog Protocol: Introducing Modular Synthetic Blockspace

> Uniswap V2 deployed on six new chains

> Introducing TLX: The leveraged tokens protocol powered by Synthetix

> Introducing $KEP — Kelp Earned Points

> Introducing nftperp v2 Alpha

> Lido: Technical design and next steps for mainnet deployment of Simple DVT module

> Liquid Restaking Report: The Ultimate LRT Market Overview Q1 2024

> Paternalism Versus The Invisible Hand in the Risk Management of Lending Protocols

> go-to resource for yields on Yearn

> USDC Liquidity Optimization Framework for OP Mainnet

> USDR Remediation: Plan Details 2/2 MEV⚡️

> Distortion of MEV Auctions by Withdrawals

> Why You Should Care About ePBS?

> Why Intents are the Answer to Interoperability

> mev-boost improvement proposal #0

> Shutter Economics


> Hack VC closes $150M Venture Fund I

> AltLayer $14.4M Strategic Round

> Meso $9.5M Seed

> Helika $8M Series A

> Beoble $7M Seed

> Crystal Fun $5M Seed

> Inco $4.5M Seed

> Nest Wallet $3.6M Seed

> INIT Capital $3.1M Seed

> ZeroLend $3M Seed

> Citrea $2.7M Seed


> Ether Deck Mk2 - A reasonably optimized, extensible smart account

> IPLD-based Merkle tree in Solidity

> createXcrunch

[SWRNG (SamWitchRNG)]( from ****)) Eigen Labs bags $100m from a16z in latest nine-digit crypto deal> 1

> 1: from ****) Uniswap UNI token soars 50% amid DAO proposal to flip on $3.3bn ‘fee switch’> 1

> 1: from ****) Avalanche back online after inscriptions mint triggers 6-hour outage> 1