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Daily news roundup with the 🦙


Harmony hacker transfers to Tornado

Terra 2.0 live on Wormhole

CurveZero V2 live on testnet

CoinFLEX to launch recovery token to solve withdrawal issues

Pirex's $pxCVX / $CVX liquidity migrated to Curve V2 pool

Reintroducing bveCVX

Lido to move to two phase voting


**Layer 1 & 2**⛓

Part 6 in the EVM Deep Dive Series

App-chains & implications for bridges/cross-chain messaging

StarkNet Roundup #22

Arbitrum Odyssey week 2

Introducing Neutron

Rocket Pool — The Merge & Redstone


AstariaXYZ explained

Preview the CVX unlocking

The state of Liquity

Synthetize the functioning of Liquity


MEV 2.0 the rise of MPSVs

ABCI++ presentation

Mev Day Batch auction deep dive


Dissecting the DAO: Web3 Ownership is Surprisingly Concentrated

The High School Files With t11s

Crash course in debt, insolvency and capital structures

Paolo Ardoino on hedge funds shorting Tether


Narratives podcast with Vitalik

Anonymous message to Do Kwon


Flowdesk $30M Series A

Azuro $4M Strategic


Solidity Coverage in VS Code with Foundry


Zora Development Kit release

Autocompound Balancer LP rewards

Vyper interperter prototype