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Daily news roundup with the 🦙

News 📰

> Introducing ZK compression to Solana

> Alt-DA Mode is now available for the OP Stack in beta

> Neon EVM mainnet update is live

> Introducing The Bazaar, a sovereign rollup with Celestia underneath

> Launching Aleph Zero EVM Testnet with ZK-privacy

> The Nexus 1.0 machine

> Introducing Ronin zkEVM

> GM Network Mainnet launches

> Introducing Tally Protocol - Liquid Staked Governance

> Introducing the ENSv2 Project Plan

> Introducing: POKT Network’s AI Litepaper

> LayerZero is introducing a new claiming mechanism called Proof-of-Donation

> Sonic Labs Innovator Fund: Up to 200,000,000 FTM to Accelerate Migration to Sonic

> Starknet Foundation Launches the $20M Propulsion Pilot Program to accelerate gaming

> US SEC closes investigation in Ethereum 2.0

Threads 🧵

Layer 1 & ## 2 ⛓

> Pre-confirmation Liveness Slashing Penalties from the Proposer’s Perspective

> Blob Usage Strategies by Rollups and Non-rollup Applications

> Execution Layer Meeting 190 - recap

> Notes from this week’s Verkle Implementers Call

Reads 📚

> Importance of network fee revenue and comparison of free structures Ethereum & solana

> Shikata Ga Nai - Arthur Hayes

> We’re All Building the Same Thing - Jon Charbonneau

> Is Account Abstraction abstract enough? - Aztec

Raises 💰

> Renzo $17M

> Particle Network $15M Series A

> Sonic $12M Series A

> Saltwater Games $5.5M Seed

> Verida $5M Seed

> Zeek $3M Seed

> Farworld Labs $1.75M Pre-Seed

Security 🛡

> Kraken recovers ˜$3m in stolen funds by CertiK

> Breakdown of CertiK's 3 million dollar hack on Kraken

Development ⚙️

> Releasing Revmc

[Vyper 0.4.0 (Nagini)]( from ****)) Is this the real reason why Do Kwon fled to Montenegro?> 1