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Daily news roundup with the 🦙

News 📰

> Binance response to SEC's complaint

> Raft is live

> Sushi DEX Aggregator is live

> Optimism Mainnet will upgrade to Bedrock on June 6th 16:00 UTC

> ‘Sybil attackers’ raid airdrops for millions with bogus wallet addresses and cunning

> Dusk Network rebrand

Threads 🧵

Layer 1 & ## 2 ⛓

> UltraPlonk completed & merged into Noir

> EIP-7069: Revamped CALL instructions

> Opside Pre-alpha Incentivized Testnet Goes Live with Public zkEVM and PoW ZKP Mining

DeFi 🏦

> Prisma Finance - Exploring Ethereum’s Liquid Staking Tokens

> FLAIR: a Metric to Evaluate LP Competitiveness in AMMs

MEV ⚡️

> Distribution of MEV Surplus

> Using Flash Loans inside CoW Swap Settlements

Reads 📚

> Synthetix, what comes next, part one

> Coinbase testifying on capitol hill tomorrow, summary of testimony

> Gabriel Shapiro on the proposed crypto market structure bill

Development ⚙️

> LZ Kit - omni-chain smart contract development toolkit for LayerZero

> dizklosure - A primitive credentialing system w/ selective disclosure in noir, a DSLfor zk circuits

[Hyena - Efficient Data Encoding in Solidity]( from ****)) To transform MakerDAO, founder Rune Christensen has to make a 'trade-off' between DeFi ideals and pragmatic business needs.

In an exclusive interview with DL News, Christensen described the final pieces of his ambitious Endgame turnaround plan. []( from ****)) We are looking for a senior full stack engineer with a strong proficiency in both front-end and back-end technologies.

Experience with news or CMS is a plus. Based in UK/EU timezone.

Send your CV to [email protected]