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Solid World

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Solid World is a commodities trading platform that makes climate financing liquid and transparent.



Development Activity

(updated at 20/10/23)

Weekly commits: 5
Monthly commits: 5
Weekly developers: 1
Monthly developers: 1

Last commit: 2 months ago (2023-10-20)


TVL: TVL is a measure of the health of the Solid World ecosystem. The TVL can be looked at from 2 perspectives. The 1st perspective, "RWA" valuation, represents the total value of the tokenized forward carbon credits, and is computed as the present value of the on-chain forward credits (ERC1155), based on their exchange rate to CRISP tokens (ERC20) and subsequent USDC value, summed-up.The 2nd perspective, "pool2", represents the total value locked up in our staking contract, and it's calculated by adding up the value of all the LP tokens that are staked. The LP tokens represent the amount of liquidity that has been provided to the Solid World platform.