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Honeyswap (HNY)

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Protocol Information

Honeyswap is a decentralized exchange built on the xDai Chain, this enables users to experience fast and secure transactions with incredibly low fees. Multiple tokens are available with which you can swap and add liquidity. It is a fork of the well known Uniswap-V2 protocol adapted to fit for the xDai Chain and the 1hive ecosystem.


Forked from:Uniswap V2

Development Activity

(updated at 08/12/23)

Weekly commits: 8
Monthly commits: 12
Weekly developers: 2
Monthly developers: 4

Last commit: 2 days ago (2023-12-08)

Token Information



Fees: Trading fees are 0.3% of each swap

Revenue: A 0.05% trading fee goes to treasury

Addresses: This only counts users that interact with protocol directly (so not through another contract, such as a dex aggregator), and only on arbitrum, avax, bsc, ethereum, xdai, optimism, polygon.