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Flux Finance

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Flux Finance is a decentralized lending platform supporting permissioned assets


Forked from:Compound V2


TVL: Counts the tokens locked in the contracts to be used as collateral to borrow or to earn yield. Borrowed coins are not counted towards the TVL, so only the coins actually locked in the contracts are counted. There's multiple reasons behind this but one of the main ones is to avoid inflating the TVL through cycled lending.. TVL is calculated by getting the market addresses from comptroller and calling the getCash() on-chain method to get the amount of tokens locked in each of these addresses, then we get the price of each token from coingecko.

Users: This only counts users that interact with protocol directly (so not through another contract, such as a dex aggregator), and only on arbitrum, avax, bsc, ethereum, xdai, optimism, polygon.