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Cake DeFi is a Singapore-based fintech platform which provides easy access to Web3 and DeFi services for users and businesses all around the world in the most user-friendly and transparent manner. As Southeast Asia's fastest growing fintech platform and global CeDeFi leader, Cake DeFi has attained all-time high growth in terms of customers, deposits and payouts due to its rigorous business model of recurring revenue.



TVL: As Cake DeFi is a CeDeFi platform, its assets associated to the staking nodes are not included for the purposes of the TVL calculation. In this case, there are approximately $121.4M in DFI chain (nodes), and around $24.7M in ETH chain (nodes) as of 31 March 2023. The calculation methodology are as follows: DFI: 10846 (nodes) * 20K (collateral per node) *$0.56 = $121.4M. ETH: 430 * 32 *$1800 = $24.7M, We also do not track bitcoincash and doge chain. Cake DeFi publishes information on all its nodes on its Transparency page here: