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DefiLlama ChatGPT Plugin
DefiLlama is the most popular DeFi (Decentralized Finance) data aggregator. The DefiLlama ChatGPT plugin retrieves current and historical data on blockchains, DeFi applications and bridges.
Best Practices
To achieve the best results from the plugin, follow these steps:
1. Ask "What features do you have?" to see the most recent feature list.
2. Select a question to ask from the feature list. For instance, if you want to learn about DEX trading activity, the feature list will show you that the plugin can answer questions about the volume of a specific DEX or provide a ranking of DEXes by volume.
Optional: Many of the features have filtering options that you can use to tailor your question. These filtering options are shared in the feature list. For example, if you ask for top yield pools, you can filter by chain, stablecoin usage, single-sided, and the future outlook for the yield rate (stable, up, down). Therefore, you could ask "Give me the top 10 stablecoin yields on Polygon that are single-sided".
If you have any feedback or bug reports, please log them here: Feedback Form
The DefiLlama ChatGPT plugin does not sell user data. The plugin does not collect any identifying user data.
The DefiLlama Plugin uses PostHog to track anonymized product analytics. Visit PostHog’s Privacy Policy to learn more about how they handle data.