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Prisma Finance

Token Allocation


Farming - 46.8%
Insiders - 44.1%
Noncirculating - 9.2%


Farming - 60.3%
Insiders - 34%
Noncirculating - 5.7%
Upcoming Events
292 days ago
DAO Treasury5.66%
veCRV and Prisma Points3.4%
High Emission Period0.85%
Core Contributors0.43%
Early Supporters0.22%
The emission and distribution details are based on the proposed and intended token emission and distribution for Prisma.
The exact details might vary based on real-time decisions and governance.
Chart represents unlocks in the first 4 years where majority of tokens will be unlocked, Post High Emissions phase was calculated based on the maximum amount claimable as shown in the table here:, the actual claims will be somewhere between 50-100% of these numbers, and anything unclaimed due to this is returned to the unallocated supply