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Total Funding Rounds4715

Total Funding Amount$97.388b

Lead Investor
Other Investors
Wind28 Nov, 2023, 00:00$3.8m
remittance firm built on Polygon
Global Founders Capital, The Spartan Group
Saison Capital, Alumni Ventures, TSIC
MYX28 Nov, 2023, 00:00$5mSeed
Crypto derivatives platform
ConsenSys, Hack VC, OKX Ventures, Redpoint China, Hashkey Capital, Foresight Ventures, GSR Markets, Alti5, Leland Ventures, Cypher Capital, Bing Ventures, Lecca Ventures
Open Campus27 Nov, 2023, 00:00$3.15m
community-led Web3 education platform
Binance Labs
Farcana27 Nov, 2023, 00:00Strategic
game development in the Bitcoin ecosystem
Animoca Brands
Blast27 Nov, 2023, 00:00$5mStrategic
The L2 with native yield
Matr1x Fire23 Nov, 2023, 00:00$10mSeries A2
NFT gaming company
Folius Ventures, SevenX Ventures, ABCDE, Find Satoshi Lab, Initiate Capital, Jambo, Hashkey Capital, Amber Group, 7UpDAO
Expanso22 Nov, 2023, 00:00$7.5mSeed
Decentralized Open Compute Platform.
General Catalyst, Hetz Ventures
Vistara Labs22 Nov, 2023, 00:00Pre-Seed
Hardware Availability Layer for the Modular Web
D1 Ventures, Factor
Blast21 Nov, 2023, 00:00$20mPrivate
The L2 with native yield
Paradigm, Standard Crypto, Jez, Andrew Kang, Hasu, foobar, Santiago R Santos, Larry Cermak, Hsaka, CL207, degenspartan, Loomdart, ByWassies, Evanss6, Manifold Trading, Gainzy, Keyboard Monkey, JandX, Brentsketit, icebergy, naniXBT, Cole
IntentX 21 Nov, 2023, 00:00$2.5mSeed
OTC Perpetuals DEX
Magnus Capital
Agnostic, Prismatic Capital, Contango Digital Assets, Castle Capital, Coral Capital, Ms2 Capital, Symmio, blocmates, The Rollup
Privy21 Nov, 2023, 00:00$18mSeries A
authentication, authorization and data control tooling
Sequoia Capital, BlueYard Capital, Archetype, Justin Waldron, Ben Leventhal, Dan Romero, James Prestwich, Tarun Chitra, Linda Xie, Patricio Worthalter, Cooper Turley
OMTrade20 Nov, 2023, 00:00$6mSeed
Crypto exchange for social trading
Find Satoshi Lab, Stepn, Folius Ventures, Incuba Alpha, Meteorite Labs, KSK Angel Fund
Panoptic20 Nov, 2023, 00:00$7mSeed+
decentralized protocol for perpetual options
Greenfield Capital
HashKey, gumi Cryptos Capital, L1 Digital, Heartcore Capital, Comma3 Ventures, Zee Prime Capital
Saga20 Nov, 2023, 00:00$5mSeed+
Web3 scalability protocol for the automated deployment of dedicated blockspace
Artifact18 Nov, 2023, 00:00$2mPre-Seed
Artifact’s Universal Player Profile is a cross-game profile that allows you to connect all networks you play on
RW3 Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Raptor Group, Cypher Capital, HerculesDAO
Sleek17 Nov, 2023, 00:00$5mSeed
Web3 social platform
Binance Labs, Shima Capital, Symbolic Capital Partners, The Spartan Group, MarketAcross, Big Brain Holdings
Bazooka Tango16 Nov, 2023, 00:00$5mPrivate
zkEVM Game
Bitkraft Ventures
RW3 Ventures, Sfermion, 1 Up Ventures
Taproot Wizards16 Nov, 2023, 00:00$7.5mPrivate
Bitcoin Ordinals
Standard Crypto
Geometry, Collider Ventures, StarkWare, UTXO Management, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Masterkey, Newman Capital
Union Labs16 Nov, 2023, 00:00$4mSeed
cross-chain bridge based on zero-knowledge proofs
Tioga Capital Partners, Nascent, Semantic, Lightshift, Chorus One
Rho Protocol16 Nov, 2023, 00:00$2.2mPre-Seed
non-custodial interest rate futures and swaps trading platform
KeyRock, Re7 Captial, Daedalus, Dmitry Tokarev
CFX Labs15 Nov, 2023, 00:00$9.5mSeed
Solana-Based Stablecoin Remittances
Shima Capital, Decasonic, Antalpha, CMT Digital, Corazon Capital, Kraken Ventures, New Form Capital, Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust