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Mango Markets (MNGO)

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Protocol Information

A magical new way to interact with DeFi. Groundbreaking safety features designed to keep your funds secure. The easiest way to margin trade any token pair. All powered by flashloans.

Development Activity

(updated at 27/09/23)

Weekly commits: 71

Monthly commits: 607

Weekly developers: 13

Monthly developers: 25

Last commit date: 27/09/23

Token Information


Fees: CLOB maker/taker fees are -0.02%/0.04%. Swap fees are 0.1%, with a fee of 0.2% for stop-loss swaps. Perp maker/taker fees are -0.03%/0.1%. Stop-loss orders have a fee of 0.2%. Borrows have an origination fee of 0.05%-0.2%, based on token liquidity. Liquidations have fees ranging from 5-20%.