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Luchadores (LUCHA)

Total Value Locked
Chain Breakdown
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Market Cap
Fully Diluted Valuation
(32.69% of mcap)

Protocol Information

The minting 10,000 NFTs was a fully on-chain process thanks to the use of Chainlink VRF. This guaranteed that every Luchador was minted without post-reveal or rarity manipulation. Each Luchador has 100% on-chain SVG art + metadata, so they will always exist on the Ethereum blockchain. However, to reduce the gas-costs, tokenomics and gameplay mechanics will be on Polygon so these Luchadores can battle for as long as the blockchain stands.


Development Activity

(updated at 04/09/23)

Weekly commits: 1

Monthly commits: 2

Weekly developers: 1

Monthly developers: 1

Last commit date: 04/06/23

Token Information



TVL: - Staking : Players can stake their $LUCHA to earn $MASK and access in-game services or equipment. - Treasury : 100% of the funds collected during the first raffle (purchase of wearable) have been kept in treasury to build a long term economic strategy. own 60% of LP token to improve liquidity and facilitate user swaps. - Reward Pool : 90% of the revenues generated in the game are redistributed to the players in this wallet (the 10% is shared between treasury and dev)