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Protocol Information

Interest Protocol is a borrow/lend protocol that is highly capital-efficient thanks to its unique combination of fractional reserves and over-collateralization. Depositors may mint USDi, which is a stablecoin pegged 1-1 with USDC that automatically pays interest to holders via rebasing.



Development Activity

(updated at 06/12/23)

Weekly commits: 15
Monthly commits: 39
Weekly developers: 3
Monthly developers: 5

Last commit: 4 hours ago (2023-12-06)

Token Information



TVL: Counts the tokens locked in the contracts to be used as collateral to borrow or to earn yield. Borrowed coins are not counted towards the TVL, so only the coins actually locked in the contracts are counted. There's multiple reasons behind this but one of the main ones is to avoid inflating the TVL through cycled lending.. For Interest Protocol, TVL is Reserve + Total Collateral Value Reserve is found through calling USDC.getBalances(USDI) Balances are found through VaultController.vaultSummaries(1,VaultController.vaultsMinted()) Capped tokens converted 1:1 to underlying