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> Ethena Labs: USDe will be integrated into Bybit

> Introducing Octane: an Open Source, High Performance EVM Framework ** > Introducing USDh - the first Bitcoin-backed, yield-bearing synthetic dollar

> Introducing Arcium, the first parallelized confidential computing network

> NEAR Fast Finality Layer is live on Holesky

> Inception and Genesis merge into InceptionLRT v2

> Introducing ZaKi: Revolutionizing ZK proving with optimized hardware solutions

> DODOchain MACH AVS Goes Live on EigenLayer Mainnet

> Introducing Ethernity Chain

> Succinct SP1 Testnet Release

> Nebula Testnet is live

> Aragon co-founder reveals self-custodial wallet Tuyo

> Announcing zkAuth: Bridging Web2 and Web3 Identity Management

> MetaMask introducing Smart Transactions

> Zilliqa transaction processing halted to investigate slowdown in mainnet block generation

> Announcing the Winners of the Solana Renaissance Hackathon

> Introducing the Starknet Seed Grant Program

> Zeta Markets announce Zeta Community Airdrop allocation 1% of supply

[Lyra anRolling in the Shadows: Analyzing the Extraction of MEV Across Layer-2 Rollups]( LDX Airdrop)>

> LayerZero labs employee is 100% restricted from claiming and has no eligibility

> LocalMonero / AgoraDesk will be winding down it's operations

> BitMEX launches options trading

> SEC issues Robinhood Crypto with Wells Notice

Threads 🧵

Layer 1 & 2⛓

> Vitalik released EIP-7702 - a new alternative to EIP-3074

> How to Raise the Gas Limit, Part 2: History Growth

> Implications of EIP-3074 inclusion

> Why 4337 and 3074 authors are disagreeing, and who got it right

> The Espresso Market Design

> Welcoming L3s to the Superchain


> Lyra announces tokenized derivates yield on EigenLayer

> Marginal V1 ** > Umbra v2

> Introducing the crvUSD MetaMorpho Vault

> Upcoming yPRISMA YBS Staking Launch: All You Need to Know

> st-ycrv liquidation write-up

> [ARFC] GHO Cross-Chain Launch

> Maker Endgame: The SubDAOs

> Announcing $NUTS — The Governance Token of Thetanuts Finance


> Announcing FairyCoW: Encrypted Orders for CoW Swap

> [1]: in the Shadows: Analyzing the Extraction of MEV Across Layer-2 Rollups

2/2 Reads📚

> Losing 7 figures worth $ due to 0L Network's hard fork

> Overview of Solana's Liquid Staking Market

> Structuring Blobspace Futures for Fun and Profit


> Sophon raises $60M in node sales

> Arbelos Markets $28M

> Lagrange $13.2M Seed

> Lava Foundation $11M Strategic

> Galaxis $10M Raise

> Botanix Labs $8.5M Seed

> ZKM $5M Pre-Series A

> Inference Labs $2.3M Pre-Seed

> Ambient $2M Seed

> Telos $1M Strategic


> exploited for $1.27 million

> Vulnerability Report: Binance PoR Dummy User Attack

> Introducing


> Introducing the Helius Rust SDK

> The go-ethereum live tracer

> ERC420 - a tokenized multisig vault

[wFRIEND POC - bypassing Friend.techs 3% embedded dex fees]( from ****)) SEC claims about MetaMask are ‘preposterous,’ says Consensys CEO[1]

[1]: from ****) Binance CEO Richard Teng draws fresh fire from Nigeria after he claims officials sought $150m bribe[1]

[1]: from ****) BREAKING: Tornado Cash dev Alexey Pertsev found guilty of money laundering by Dutch court[1]

[1]: from ****) Brothers stole $25m from Ethereum MEV bots, prosecutors allege[1]

[1]: from ****) Canadian ‘Crypto King’ arrested on fraud allegations amid missing $30m[1]

[1]: from ****) Fantom DeFi jumps 20% as Sonic upgrade rolls out[1]

[1]: from ****) Two brothers, former MIT students, indicted in $25m crypto heist that took only seconds[1]

[1]: 9 - May 19