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Total Funding Rounds4422

Total Funding Amount$95.16b

Lead Investor
Other Investors
Argus6 Jun, 2023, 00:00$10mPre-Seed
Web3 Gaming Studio
Haun Ventures
Alchemy, Robot Ventures, Elad Gil, Balaji Srinivasan, Calvin Liu, Siqi Chen
Meanwhile6 Jun, 2023, 00:00$19mSeed
Bitcoin-Denominated Life Insurance Provider
Sam Altman, Lachy Groom, Gradient Ventures
Mouro Capital, MS&AD, Hudson Structured Capital Management
Kakarot2 Jun, 2023, 00:00Pre-Seed
type 2.5 zkEVM written in Cairo
Vitalik Buterin, StarkWare, LambdaClass, Nicolas Bacca, Rand Hindi, Sami Ben, Gregoireljda.eth, Etienne Royole, Ramzi Laieb, Benjamin Flores , Gabin Marignier, Rudy Kadoch, Pol Maire, FuzzingLabs, HerodotusDev, Edi Sinovcic, Nathan VDH, Greg Gambatto, Abdouuu_la, Jason Delabays
Fusionist1 Jun, 2023, 00:00$6.6mSeed
Blockchain game & game infrastructure layer
Demox Labs1 Jun, 2023, 00:00$5mPre-Seed
Building privacy preserving ZK infrastructure on Aleo
Hack VC
DCVC, Amplify Partners, Coinbase Ventures, CRV, C2 Ventures, Dialectic, Santiago R Santos, Kearny Jackson, Ryan Selkis, OpenSea Ventures
Spinamp1 Jun, 2023, 00:00$1.25mSeed
Music NFT aggregator and player
Palm Tree Crew Crypto
Coop Records, Archetype, NoiseDAO, Fire Eyes DAO, 1kx, Reuben Bramanathan, DegenDavinci, Adam Levy , David Greenstein, Kyle Dhillon, Mike Perry , Ramtin Khoee, Cameron Greer, Christina Beltramini
Magic Labs31 May, 2023, 00:00$52mStrategic
crypto wallet infrastructure
PayPal Ventures
Cherubic Ventures, Synchrony, Northzone, Volt Capital, Kx Technology Fund
Anoma Foundation31 May, 2023, 00:00$25m
The Anoma Foundation is the Swiss non-profit that oversees Anoma, a full-stack architecture that helps developers build decentralized applications, and Namada, a layer 1 blockchain that allows for private transactions
CMCC Global
Transak30 May, 2023, 00:00$20mSeries A
web3 payments and onboarding infrastructure provider
Blocktrade29 May, 2023, 00:00$4.5mPublic token sale
Gamified trading platform for digital assets
Tabi29 May, 2023, 00:00$10mAngel Round
NFT Platform
Orbofi AI27 May, 2023, 00:00$2.8mPrivate + Public
generative AI engine for web3, games, apps, media, and online communities
Cogitent Ventures, OIG Capital, CSP DAO, Zephyrus Capital, Halvings Capital
Burgercities26 May, 2023, 00:00$4mStrategic
one-stop play & earn MetaFi platform
Vega Ventures
SANYUAN Labs, Bitfly Capital
TomoChain25 May, 2023, 00:00Strategic
The TomoChain blockchain is secured by a highly Decentralized and Incentivizing network of masternodes
Worldcoin25 May, 2023, 00:00$115mSeries C
Worldcoin protocol is intended to be the world’s largest identity and financial public network
Blockchain Capital
a16z crypto, Bain Capital Crypto , Distributed Global
Schwap25 May, 2023, 00:00$0.5mPre-Seed
On-Chain OTC Exchange With An Emphasis on Trustlessness, Permissionlessness, and Handling Size
Outdid25 May, 2023, 00:00$0.05mStrategic
end-to-end private ID verification leveraging ZK Proofs
Dusk Network
Pomerium25 May, 2023, 00:00$20mAngel Round
Web3 gaming studio
LabDAO23 May, 2023, 00:00$3.6mSeed
Decentralize Drug Discovery, Village Global
North Island Ventures, Seed Club Ventures, ID Theory, Road Capital, Curve Labs, GMJP, Molecule, Gnosis DAO, The Lao, Orange DAO, Beakerdao, Spaceship DAO, Balaji Srinivasan
Num Finance23 May, 2023, 00:00$1.5mPre-Seed
collateralized loans in local currency stablecoins to businesses in emerging markets
H2O Scouter Fund, Reserve, Ripio, VC3 DAO, Matias Woloski
Tanssi23 May, 2023, 00:00$3mSeed
appchain infrastructure protocol
Arrington XRP Capital
Borderless Capital, Hashkey Capital, D1 Ventures, Hypershere, C2 Ventures, Jsquare