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ProtocolsMars Protocol

Mars Protocol (MARS)

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Terra Classic$0

Protocol Information

Mars is a multichain credit protocol enabling borrowing and lending primitives in the Cosmos. With Mars v2, the protocol introduced "Rover credit accounts" to Osmosis. Much like Binance subaccounts, credit accounts act as transferrable NFT containers where users can deposit assets, and use them as collateral for borrowing, spot or margin trading, leveraged yield farming, and hedging — all with a single liquidation point



Development Activity

(updated at 29/11/23)

Weekly commits: 23
Monthly commits: 49
Weekly developers: 10
Monthly developers: 13

Last commit: 5 days ago (2023-11-29)

Token Information



TVL: For each chain, sum token balances in Red Bank/Credit Manager smart contracts to approximate net deposits, plus vault underlying assets held in Rover