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The GLIF Pools protocol servers as unique DeFI & Filecoin staking infrastucture. It provides the rails for deploying highly customizeable staking models in parallel, allowing Filecoin Storage Providers to borrow from multiple capital providers simultaneously, which is not currently possible anywhere else on the network. The first Pool deployed to the GLIF Pools protocol is the Infinity Pool.

Category:Liquid Staking

Development Activity

(updated at 28/09/23)

Weekly commits: 2

Monthly commits: 36

Weekly developers: 1

Monthly developers: 6

Last commit date: 28/09/23


TVL: The GLIF Pools protocol is a liquid staking protocol for Filecoin that requires borrowers to collateralize FIL in order to borrow for their storage providing operation. This TVL calculation adds the total amount of FIL staked into the protocol, and the total amount of locked FIL collateral by borrowers, to arrive at TVL.